Catching Covid Twice ‘Rare’, But More Likely In Certain Age-Groups

You can be infected with Covid-19 twice, as multiple case studies from around the world have shown. But how common is reinfection?

The first large-scale study of Covid-19 reinfections, published in The Lancet journal, found repeat infections with the virus are rare, but more common for those aged 65 and over. Most people who have had Covid-19 are protected from catching it again for at least six months, the research also found.

This chimes with evidence from Public Health England’s SIREN study which revealed people infected with Covid-19 are likely to be protected against reinfection for at least five months. However, experts warned those with immunity may still be able carry the virus in their nose and throat and therefore have a risk of transmitting it to others.

This new study, which assessed reinfection rates in Denmark in 2020, found only a small number of people (0.65%) returned a positive PCR test twice.

While prior infection gave those under the age of 65 years around 80% protection against reinfection, for people aged 65 and older it provided just 47% protection, indicating that this age group is more likely to catch the virus again.

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