Champagne Socialists Pop the Cork to New Year

Champagne Socialists Pop the Cork to New Year

The hard-left great and good are set to gather tonight via Zoom to welcome in 2021 with “solidarity”. The Labour Grassroots organisation will welcome luminaries such as Corbyn, McDonnell, Claudia Webbe and Shami Chakrabarti and Skwakbox’s Steve Walker and Unite’s Howard Beckett to their “Review of 2020 party”. Given how this year’s gone for the hard left, the booze will need to be flowing…

Thankfully, Labour Grassroots has thought this through:

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Now they’ve lost the red wall there’s little point in hiding their North London bourgeois pretences. As always, Guido will be happy to join Corbyn and toast everything he and his comrades achieved this year…

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