Chris Kamara’s Attempts At ‘Cow-Cuddling’ On Live TV Ended In Predictably Disastrous Scenes

Chris Kamara tried out some “cow-cuddling” during Thursday’s edition of Steph’s Packed Lunch and… well… you can probably work out for yourself why that ended up being newsworthy.

The football pundit made a trip to the UK’s first slaughter-free dairy in Rutland on Thursday afternoon, to try out what he described as “the latest craze”.

As the name suggests, “cow-cuddling” sees people getting up close and personal with some new bovine pals, in what’s supposed to be a relaxing experience for both parties.

That wasn’t quite how it went down for Kammy, though, with one of the cows in question displaying some behaviour that no one wants to see at lunchtime live on air.

Channel 4

Rosie tries to steal the show during Chris Kamara’s interview

Speaking to Ian, one of the farmers, Kammy asked him to “tell me all about these beautiful beasts”, only for one of the cows to try and steal the limelight, blocking the camera completely.

“Oh Rosie, right on cue!” Ian said, still completely hidden from view by Rosie. “This is Rosie, she loves a cuddle, we’ve been having a cuddle for the last 15 minutes.”

Ian then tried to explain that cow-cuddling is “very much about relaxation”, but his point was quickly disproved, as he urged Kammy to “look out”.

At that moment, Rosie then began having a big old poo, while presenter Steph McGovern could be heard laughing back in the studio. 

Thinking on his feet, Kammy declared: “Pat on the back for me, I think. Excuse me! Oh dear, that’s live TV, Steph.”

Undeterred by Rosie, he then asked if he could “have a go at cuddling” one of the resident animals… but perhaps wisely, tried it out with a somewhat more subdued cow.

Channel 4

Perhaps wisely, Kammy decided not to get too close to Rosie

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