Chris Williamson’s New National, Socialist Party

Chris Williamson’s New National, Socialist Party

Voldemort lookalike and disgraced former Labour MP Chris Williamson has decreed that “Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension by the Starmer regime has been the final straw”, and that the Labour Party can no longer be considered a true “vehicle for socialism“. Through building alliances with other left-wing groups, Williamson plans his new outfit to have far greater reach than his former Derby North constituency. Truly building a new national, socialist party…

In a rambling Twitter thread, the former MP declares that his future socialist party “shouldn’t be purely committed to electoral politics” calling that “a well-trodden and misguided path“. A national, socialist party with a strong extra-Parliamentary wing, all founded by a man who has been mired in what many consider to be rampant antisemitism. It’s a bit on the nose isn’t it…

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