Christmas Pay Dates Are Screwing Us More Than Usual This Year

With both Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, the following Monday and Tuesday become bank holidays – which means the day you get paid will be moving.

The majority of companies opt to move their December pay date forward in this situation, which can feel like a real festive treat for employees at the time.

But come January, when you’ve potentially had 40 days or more between pay cheques, the disruption to your usual budget can really hit hard.

Every year when this happens, you’ll see tweets on social media with people joking about January pay day feeling a million years away.

But with the cost of living so high this year and people’s finances already at breaking point, for many households this will be no laughing matter.

All this means that preparing for the inevitable Christmas pay gap is even more essential than usual.

If you’ve already been paid this month, try to avoid using those early funds to pay for last-minute Christmas gifts and extras that aren’t essential.

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