Christmas Work Party Bingo (For Those Of Us Who Really Miss The Chaos)

Rejoice, for the Work Christmas Party is back. Maybe. Okay, for some of us. And we’ve missed it loads. Things may be getting bad Covid-wise as, once again, we’re glued to press conferences to see what’s happening with the whole Christmas thing. But so far, no one’s made the office party illegal. So, yay.

Yes, government officials can’t quite agree on whether we should go or not – and advising us to avoid kissing strangers under the mistletoe if we do.

But what is a festive party without any snogging? (And let’s not forget that some government officials are partial to a Chrimbo party themselves. Not to mention an illicit snog).

Whether it’s colleagues who’ve been making eyes at each other in the office for weeks leading up to the big event, or just those who happened to be, well, standing next to each other, a cheeky pash between co-workers is all part of the fun.

But work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has said no more of that please. “I don’t think there should be much snogging under the mistletoe,” she told ITV’s Peston programme.“You don’t need to do things like that. But I think we should all be trying to enjoy the Christmas ahead of us.”

Which has got us thinking, what else do we love (or hate) or love to hate about the annual work do shindig? Enjoy our little game of Christmas party bingo – how many of these have you seen or partaken in during Christmases past?

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