Dina Asher-Smith Takes An Hour To Do Her Makeup Before A Race – And We Can Relate

Athlete Dina Asher-Smith is set to be one of the big names in this year’s Tokyo Olympics – and her makeup routine is a crucial part of her race preparation.

The 25-year-old sprinter may be the fastest British woman in history, just don’t rush her in front of the mirror.

During an interview with British Vogue, she lifted the lid on her “getting ready” process and how it takes a good hour before any race. She spoke about the need to stay calm and how she uses her makeup routine as a distraction.

“When I’m out on the track, I’m not thinking about what I look like. I’m just trying to win,” she said. “But beforehand, I need to be calm. Doesn’t matter how nervous you might feel, if you need to do your eyeliner, you cannot be shaking.”

I’m not an athlete by any means, but the idea that doing your makeup as an act of keeping calm is something I can relate to.

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