Dominic Cummings Impresses No-One By Claiming Good Campaigns Have ‘Hot Women And Beer’

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Dominic Cummings did not win any fans over with his latest take on what makes a good political campaign

Dominic Cummings stunned people when he claimed winning political campaigns have “hot women and beer and pizza”.

Writing on his personal substack website on Thursday, the former top aide to prime minister Boris Johnson shared his idea of how Labour could win in the next election.

Pulling apart the idea of a “work-life balance”, Cummings said: “This is what winning political campaigns look like.

“There are hot women and beer and pizza and music in the office on Friday and Saturday night because the place is bursting with energy.

“And they enjoy kicking their opponents down the street at 10pm on a Saturday night  when the other side are in ‘work-life balance’ mode.

“Labour’s team know the PM and Carrie sit ludicrously twitching at Twitter on Saturday night when the papers papers drop – they should be driving the two of them crazy with rage and panic every Saturday night, thus creating a wave of horrific phone calls across Tory-world and constantly ruining everyone’s weekends.”

He goes on to claim that this is what the Vote Leave campaign was like when it won the EU referendum in 2016 and when the Conservatives were victorious again in the 2019 general election.

Cummings has been vocal in his opposition to Downing Street ever since he resigned in November 2020.

Despite being one of the most influential – and controversial – figures in government during his time as an adviser, he has repeatedly condemned the way Johnson runs his cabinet and No.10′s handling of the pandemic in recent months.

Unsurprisingly, his latest post breaking down his reality of politics did not go down very well.

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