Dominic Cummings Says Tory Vote Means More Taxes… And Chance Of Nuclear War

Dominic Cummings has given his verdict on the Tory party as voters head to the polls — and he didn’t hold back.

Boris Johnson’s former adviser-turned-nemesis reiterated his call for a “regime change”, blaming the government for “more taxes, s*** bureaucracy and the chance of nuclear war”.

In his characteristic colourful language, Cummings told his 274,000 followers it was now “irrational” to “prop up” Johnson — whom he referred to with a clown emoji — now that Brexit had been achieved.

“Remain/brexit/left/right/political/official, all shd unite in removing pointless f***h***,” he wrote.

His intervention comes as voters head to the polls to vote in councillors across parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

In Northern Ireland voters are electing members of the Stormont Assembly, with 90 members due to be chosen across 18 constituencies.

The Conservatives are braced for a particularly rough night in their traditional blue wall heartlands in southern England, where voters turned off by partygate and the rise in national insurance could swing over to the Lib Dems.

Meanwhile, Labour will be hoping that so-called “beergate” will not dent its chances to make inroads in northern England and elsewhere.

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