Drag Race’s Tina Burner Reveals Judgement She Faced During Graham Norton Romance

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Tina Burner has opened up about her previous relationship with Graham Norton, revealing she was accused of being with him for his money. 

The drag star, whose real name is Kristian Seeber, dated the chat show host on and off in the 2000s. 

During the latest episode of Drag Race, Tina was quizzed on her romance with Graham as the queens discussed trolling and social media.


Graham Norton and Kristian Seeber

After Rosé alerted the queens to Tina’s “fling” with Graham, she responded: “I love how you say fling. I was in a relationship.”

She continued: “Graham is so famous, he’s at that level where your life is just like put on a platform. He’s such a great guy and it never ever got to him. It was the most amazing thing.”

In a confessional VT, Tina then said: “I remember people passing judgement on me right away when they don’t even know me: ‘Are you after his money? Are you this? Are you that?’ I mean people want to draw their own opinions.”


Graham Norton is best known for hosting his BBC chat show

Tina joked that there were some “horrible pictures of me with flat-ironed hair” taken during her time with Graham. 

Graham described the relationship as a “whirlwind romance” in his 2014 memoir, The Life And Loves Of A He Devil.

However, his friends weren’t quite as enamoured, and he admitted that if Kristian “were to be judged solely on his behaviour, then I concede he was not great boyfriend material”.

World Of Wonder/VH1

Tina Burner in her RuPaul’s Drag Race promo shot

Graham added: “What they couldn’t see was the special spark that fires within him: when he decides to shine his light on you, it makes you feel as special as he is.”

The romance lasted several months before the couple split, only for them to get back together again when Kristian moved into Graham’s London home, which the chat show host said ended up being a “disaster”.

Eventually Kristian broke off the relationship, with Graham admitting he was left “heartbroken” by the split.

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