EastEnders To Feature Nod To Euro 2020 Final In Swiftly-Filmed Scene

EastEnders is set to reference the dramatic Euro 2020 final in Monday night’s episode, the BBC has confirmed. 

A scene featuring a nod to Italy’s win over England in the tournament was written and filmed the morning after the match, and will be inserted into the latest instalment of the soap.

Soap bosses confirmed the scene will feature Albert Square residents Billy Mitchell, Kim Fox and Bobby Beale.

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The Queen Vic pub 

EastEnders’ executive producer Jon Sen said: “Although it’s only a small scene, with England’s performance in the Euros capturing the hearts of the nation over the past month it’s only right that the residents of Walford would be talking about last night’s historical match.”

The soap confirmed that the scene will broadcast on BBC One first, after which it will be added into the BBC iPlayer episode that already went live this morning.

It’s far from the first time EastEnders has hastily filmed scenes about topical events to insert into episodes that have been shot weeks previously. 

In 2018, Danny Dyer filmed scenes as Mick Carter passing comment on England’s success in the World Cup.

Other examples have included references to the Brexit referendum result and the birth of Prince Louis. 

EastEnders airs on Monday at 8.05pm on BBC One, with the week’s episodes available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer. 

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