Feeling More Impatient Lately? Here Are 10 Ways To Stay Chill

If you asked most of us if we are patient people, we’d probably say no. It’s hard to be in a society that offers us same-day delivery, news and information at the click of a button, and all five seasons of your favourite TV show on demand.

Patience is a virtue, but what does patience actually mean? Life coach Lauren Paton, founder of Unleashed Coaching, defines patience as “the capacity to wait for something without getting frustrated or complaining”.

Pre-lockdown, many of us found it hard to wait things out without feeling fidgety or irritated. But the pandemic made us pause, and practising patience became normality, even a necessity.

We waited months to be reunited with friends and family, to get jabbed, to go on holiday abroad – or even just get on a bus (something we weren’t very patient waiting for before Covid). And though it was hard to adapt to at first, there were benefits to not feeling the constant rush.

Lockdown taught people that patience is part of life, Even if we previously wanted everything done now,” says business and life coach Mary MacRory. “Life is not like that and now the pandemic has underlined this for everyone.”

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