First King Charles III Coin Revealed – And It Features A Second Royal

The official coin effigy of King Charles III has been revealed, and will start to appear on circulating coins produced by The Royal Mint in the coming months.

The first coins to feature the new King’s portrait will be special edition £5 and 50p coins, commemorating the life and legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

In fact, both the current and late monarch’s faces will actually feature on the £5 coin, while the 50p coin has a visual reference to the late Queen’s coronation.

British sculptor Martin Jennings is the artist behind the King’s new portrait, which faces the left – the opposite direction to the Queen on existing coinage.

This is due to a tradition that dates back to the 17th century that alternates the way successive monarchs face.

As the Royal Family website explains: “From the time of Charles II onwards, a tradition developed of monarchs being represented on the coinage facing in the opposite direction to their immediate predecessor.”

The only exception to this rule was the brief reign of Edward VIII, the site explains, who “liked portraits of himself facing to the left, even though, according to tradition, he should have faced to the right.”

The Latin inscription surrounding King Charles III’s new effigy – “• CHARLES III • D • G • REX • F” translates to “King Charles III, by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith”.

The reverse of the soon-to-be circulated commemorative £5 coin features two new portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth II in a design created by artist John Bergdahl in collaboration with The Royal Mint.

This is part of a broader memorial coin collection, including the 50p coin, which will released into general circulation in the UK.

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