Former Chartered Accountant Sharma’s Figures Fail

The Transport Department announced yesterday that, as of this weekend, business trips will be allowed without cumbersome quarantine restrictions – so long as they result in a deal which creates or preserves 50 jobs or leads to an investment order of at least £100,000. Yet this morning on LBC’s Nick Ferrari at Breakfast, Business Secretary Alok Sharma said the investment or order needed to be £100 million, £99.9 million higher than what the Transport Department had actually specified. Which by Guido’s careful calculation is a 99,900% overestimate. Sharma even doubled down when Ferrari challenged the figure…

This follows the former Chartered Accountant, now Business Secretary, admitting his government’s vaccine order expectations were wrong this morning, this time by a mere 92%. Coincidently this morning Sharma also admitted that his daughter has persuaded him to go vegetarian “to help save the planet”. Clearly since then he’s been missing out on fish-derived Omega 3 brain food…

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