From Loki To Quill, Marvel-Inspired Baby Names Are On The Up

The Marvel Universe doesn’t just dominate at the box office. Its superhero characters and stories also have a hold on pop culture as a whole – inspiring wedding themes, clothing lines, restaurants and more.

Given that parents draw baby name ideas from countless sources, it’s no surprise that the Marvel world is now one of them.

The US Social Security Administration tracks the baby names given to five or more girls or boys in a given year. Looking at the agency’s data, there are lots of Marvel character names, and when you compare the 2020 list to previous years, a clear upward trend emerges for many of them. While it’s hard to link Marvel’s influence to the popularity of top-10 names like James and Ava, others seem more likely to be connected to the hit films and comic books.

Peter Jason Quill (aka Star-Lord) is the lead character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the first of which premiered in 2014. From that year on, the name Quill has risen in popularity – from five baby boys named Quill in 2014 to 42 boys and five girls in 2020.

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