Gavin Williamson Adds to Britain’s Tier Confusion

Gavin Williamson Adds to Britain’s Tier Confusion

Times Radio listeners were confused this morning to learn about a fourth tier of Covid lockdown, discovered in a Department of Education press release from August, in which Gavin Williamson discusses school closures in “Tiers 3 and 4″. Unfortunately, the station hadn’t unearthed an accidental leak; unbeknownst to many, Gavin has his own, separate, tiered system not connected to Boris’s national lockdown, which details how schools can continue to operate. All the areas which have been put in Boris’s tier 3 lockdown are still in tier 1 of Gavin’s school restrictions if that makes any kind of sense…The highlighting of the DfE tiering system is even more mind-numbing after yesterday’s revelation Nicola Sturgeon is switching to a new 5 tier lockdown model, with both a looser level than England’s “medium” areas and a stricter level than England’s “very high” areas. To make matters worse, the media’s already exhausted all the good ‘tier’ puns prematurely…

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