Gout May Increase Your Risk Of Heart Issues. Here’s How To Manage It

While certain lifestyle changes can reduce your risk of cardiovascular issues, genetics also plays a large role in determining your risk for heart attacks, heart disease and stroke. This also holds true with certain health conditions.

A new study shows gout, a common form of arthritis, may be associated with a higher risk of both stroke and heart attack.

Gout flare-ups are linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke for some time after the flare-up happens, according to UK research published in the American Medical Association’s JAMA journal.

The study followed 62,574 people with gout and found that “patients who suffered a heart attack or stroke were twice as likely to have had a gout flare in the 60 days prior to the [cardiovascular] event, and one and a half times more likely to have a gout flare in the preceding 61-120 days.”

This means if you experience a gout flare-up, there’s an increased risk of cardiovascular events in the four months following the occurrence.

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