Has Someone Checked In On The Other Liz Truss?

Twitter user @LizTruss is having her moment and we couldn’t be happier for her. No, not the current PM, we’re talking icon and hun Liz Trussell, who is the reason the real Liz Truss has to use the Twitter handle @TrussLiz.

Since Liz Truss was made Prime Minister on September 6, thousands of tweets meant for the PM have been accidentally sent to a random Twitter account – but Liz Trussell has been kindly replying to them.

Similar to our annual hit of John Lewis chaos (when the man with the same name as the department store is flooded with Christmas enquiries), Trusell now finds herself faced with political questions with each development from the newly elected PM.

The @LizTruss account, which had just 2,475 followers at the start of September, now boasts a whopping 37.7k followers and Liz Trussell has found herself becoming a social media phenomenon for her sassy replies to global figures.

Her role-playing as Liz Truss honestly deserves a BAFTA and little is known about the person behind the now iconic account – apart from a profile picture in which Trussell is seen clad in a sequin pink dress.

Almost a month on from Liz Truss taking over as PM, how’s Liz Trussell been getting on posing as the leader of the Tory party?

She had this take on the pound crashing:

And elected a slightly different cabinet…

And has been answering queries from other political parties:

She has shared her views of the energy bill cap…

And has been responding to the general public in the most hun way possible:

Most recently, she’s finally acknowledged the people’s wishes for her to become our new PM:

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