Here’s How Shortages Might Impact Your Christmas Shopping List

Last Christmas, we were met with Covid restrictions announced just five days before December 25. This year, Boris Johnson hasn’t ruled out more disruption, but has said he doesn’t expect it to be anything like 2020.

Which should mean we can plan Christmas with our loved ones as usual, right? Yes, but also, no. While another lockdown isn’t on the cards just yet, Christmas might still look a little different.

The UK could see a possible national shortage of some seasonal staples, with turkeys, Christmas trees and toys all being in limited stock. The warnings come as fuel concerns continue to hit the UK, with panic buying and a shortage of HGV drivers causing long queues (and some closures) at petrol stations.

So, what’s going on with Christmas? And what items might be impacted?

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It might be time to rethink your traditional roast turkey, because Kate Martin of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) believes there will be a shortage this Christmas.

The shortage of turkey is due to a lack of labour following Brexit, she said. Though small, British farms that use local workers have been impacted less, supermarket shelves are likely to be affected by a shortage of skilled European employees.

The TFTA represents producers of high-end, free-range turkeys and has said that some poultry farms had already had five times more orders this year than at the same time last year. “It is the supermarket shelves that will be emptier on turkeys this year than they have been before, because there have been less turkeys placed on the ground, because the big processors know that they will not get them processed,” Martin told PA Media News Agency.

When asked if supermarkets will run out of turkeys before Christmas, she said: “I think everyone needs to get their orders in very quickly. We have seen an absolutely unprecedented number of orders come in. Come Christmas, if you leave ordering your turkey from your local farm supplier, you are going to be out of luck.”

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