Here’s How The New Flexible Season Tickets Will Work

Are you set to commute part-time when you return to the workplace? The introduction of new, flexible season tickets could make it more affordable.

The government has announced a complete overhaul of England’s rail system, including the creation of a new, state-owned body, Great British Railways (GBR), which will set timetables and prices, plus sell carnet-style flexible tickets.

The carnet-style tickets will allow travel on any eight days in a 28-day period, saving part-time commuters hundreds of pounds per year on certain routes.

“For many, the idea of travelling five days a week to the office is fast becoming a relic of the past,” Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said. “The future is flexible: passengers want a simple, stress-free option, and new flexible tickets make fares fairer. As we kickstart the biggest reform of our railways in a generation, we’re committed to creating a modern railway that works for its passengers.”

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