Here’s How To Weigh Up Any Major Life Changes Right Now

A big move to a new city. Leaving a relationship that’s run its course. Starting a new job in a completely different field.

These big life decisions come with sky-high stress even in the best of times. Throw living through a pandemic into the decision-making process and the stakes seem even higher.

Still, nearly a year into the pandemic and various degrees of lockdown, most of us are itching for change of some kind. Why is that? For many people, the pandemic has accentuated problems that already existed, therapists say.

If you were sick of being single in before times, the pandemic might have exacerbated your “forever alone”-ness. If you’ve disliked living at home with your parents, even the smallest of studio apartments sounds ultra appealing right now. If you couldn’t deal with your company’s abysmal work-life boundaries, you might be tempted to take a pay cut at nearly any place else to escape.

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