Here’s Why You Need To Do A Fun Audit (Yes, Really) Right Now

When was the last time you had a really great time? Not just a much-needed glass of wine in front of the telly, but an unquestionably good time, where memories were made, and fun was had?

Such experiences could be the answer to a long, happy life.

‘Fun’ might be a relative concept which has become harder to achieve during a pandemic, but it could be the way to better in an otherwise stressful and taxing time.

We’re not talking about fun within the confines of capitalism (yes, retail therapy can be pleasant, but it’s not the stuff that makes you smile when you think about it later). We’re not even talking about Netflix and chill or endlessly scrolling TikTok.

We mean good, unfettered fun that you might consider to be a highlight in your life. Like the exhilaration experienced after doing something exciting for the first time, or the triumph of winning a sports game or competition.

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