How Brits Are Remembering Lost Loved Ones On ‘Celebration Day’

This weekend, people across the UK will unite in collective remembrance, as they pay tribute to people who are no longer with us in the county’s inaugural Celebration Day.

Taking place on Sunday June 26, the day offer a moment for us all to pause in our busy lives and celebrate the people we’ve lost.

That could mean visiting their favourite place, playing a particular song, digging out an old photo album, going on their favourite walk, or cooking a meal that reminds you of that person.

“In a non-stop, modern world, keeping as connected as we might like to the lives of those no longer with us can feel increasingly difficult – so on Celebration Day we can each decide whose lives we would celebrate and how best we would like to do so,” the website explains.

“Many places, cultures and religions have times and customs of remembrance as ways of honouring either loved ones or ancestors. Celebration Day can connect to all of them.”

And after the past two years of the pandemic – where more than 177,000 lives have been lost in the UK linked to Covid – the idea could not feel more pertinent.

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