How Many Workers Has The UK Actually Lost Due To Brexit?

Brexit is behind a labour shortfall in the UK according to new research, leaving the country with 330,000 fewer people in the workforce.

Brexit may no longer be a topic on the government’s radar, but recent polls show that, for the first since the referendum, more people believe leaving the EU was a mistake compared to those who supported it.

And now, as the UK faces a recession, cost of living crisis and inflation at a 40-year-high, there are other signs likely to make Brexit even less popular.

Since the UK officially exited the EU at the start of 2020, there’s been an overall 540,000 reduction in net immigration until June 2022, as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed.

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A joint report from thinktanks Centre for European Reform and UK in a Changing Europe looked into this stat to find out how many people chose not to work in the UK because of Brexit.

The ONS’s annual population survey already demonstrates what the UK workforce would have looked like if freedom of movement had not ended, and the UK had kept the same immigration laws.

Since leaving the EU, the UK has adopted an immigration system which is meant to make it harder for people without qualifications to move to the UK.

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