How The ‘Set Point Weight’ Theory Can Help You Make Peace With Your Body

The Health at Every Size movement centres around body respect: establishing sustainable, health-supporting habits without trying to change your body’s size or shape. Intuitive eating is built around this same idea — that true nourishment and food peace only come when you’re able to let go of the pursuit of weight loss.

Central to both of these non-diet approaches is the idea that each of our bodies is wired to stay at (or near) a certain weight, also called a “set point weight.”

The set point weight theory is still just that – a theory. And it’s not as simple as “your genes say you’re supposed to weigh XX kilos, so that’s what you’ll weigh forever.” There are so many factors that help determine your set point: genetics, environment, access to resources, history of dieting, stress, lifestyle preferences, hormones, health conditions, and more. Plus, it’s not a single set point, but rather a weight range within which you might naturally fluctuate.

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