How To Actually Date IRL Again After Months Of Zooms

For the past few months, drinks and dinner dates have been out the question. Instead, singles have been confined to swiping on dating apps, sliding into DMs, or having flirty phone calls in their pyjamas.

Whilst many will be eager to get back in the dating game IRL, others may find it a shock to the system – whether it’s the pressure of socialising in person again, panic around finding the right outfit, or worrying they’ve lost their flirty charm – it’s a completely normal reaction. We’re a bit out of practice.

Women are bearing the heavier load of this social dislocation compared to men, found research by dating app, Bumble, with 61% of women feeling worried about dating. “The pandemic has turned our social lives upside down and more than half our community felt a sense of disconnection from those that they’re close to, never mind new people,” a Bumble spokesperson tells HuffPost UK.

“When it comes to dating, it’s natural to feel a bit anxious, but it’s important to be kind to yourself – everyone feels the same.” So, after months of restrictions, it’s time to change the post-lockdown dating game. Here’s how.

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