How To Ask For A Pay Rise After A Year Of Working From Home

The start of the pandemic saw almost half of the UK population shift to home-working, with most (86%) citing coronavirus as the reason for the switch. Desks were replaced with dining tables, office chairs were swapped with sofas. All of a sudden, many were thrown into a permanent state of living at work.

During this time, the novelty of working from home coupled with anxiety around the impact of the virus on jobs led lots of people to feel that they had to go above and beyond at work. Nobody wanted to be accused of slacking or watching Netflix – all of a sudden, people were producing very visible results.

“For many, adopting such an ethos shined a light on their weight within the workplace and sparked a realisation of just how valuable they are,” says HR director Hayley Cross. “It is somewhat ironic that the lack of a team’s physical presence throughout the pandemic has made a person’s working efforts more transparent than ever.”

Cross now predicts there will be a rise in employees requesting a pay rise in the coming months – with many producing solid reasonings for having earned one.

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But if you’re still working from home, how do you go about asking for that bump in pay? When your boss or HR team are working from a different location, it can be hard to know when’s the right time to bring it up.

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