How To Get Your ‘Spark’ Back If You’ve Completely Lost Your Mojo

I’m staring at a blank wall and some wilting flowers in a vase on my desk, trying to figure out a way to write an article about being creative.

The irony is, I’m feeling anything but.

Since October last year, and like many others, I’ve barely left my home other than to attend hospital appointments or go on my daily walk around the block.

I briefly saw relatives before Christmas, masked up and socially-distanced in a car park, to exchange gifts. But since January, the only people I’ve seen in person other than my partner have been delivery drivers, postal workers and the odd friend for a one-on-one walk.

As someone who takes inspiration from meetups with family and friends, conversations with colleagues, and exploring new places, this lack of stimulation has hit hard. But apparently, the boredom and claustrophobia the pandemic has brought with it could actually be a good thing.

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