How To Prove You’re Vaccinated With The NHS Covid Pass

You might have got a “I’ve had my Covid vaccination” sticker after getting your jab – or a small card with your name and the date – but there’s a more official way to prove you’ve been double jabbed.

Foreign secretary, Grant Schapps, has announced those who have been double jabbed will be able to travel home from amber list countries without quarantining from later this summer. So how can you prove it?

How to prove you’ve had two Covid vaccinations in England

For travel, if there’s a requirement to have had two Covid vaccinations to the country you’re going to, or coming back from, you’ll be asked to show your vaccination status by officials.

You can request an NHS Covid Pass to prove this on the NHS website or on the NHS app. This app is different to the NHS Covid-19 app, which you use to check into venues. To use the NHS app, you’ll need to be registered with a GP surgery and create a login. You’ll need your NHS number to do this, which is pretty easy to access online.

Once logged in to the app, choose the ‘Get your NHS Covid Pass’ button. You can then press ‘travel’. It will take you to a screen that has details of your Covid-19 records. Press ‘show details’ and you’ll be shown a QR code, that will expire 30 days from the date of issue. To get a new one, you just log back in.

You can also request an NHS Covid Pass letter on the NHS website. You’ll be asked some questions, so they can find your vaccine record, and then they’ll send a letter to to the address you have registered with your GP surgery. You should get this letter within five working days.

And finally, people who have had both their jabs can also request an NHS Covid Pass letter by calling 119. This won’t show test results, and has no expiry date.

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