How To Save Cash By Getting On Top Of Life Admin

From paying bills and renewing annual policies to cleaning out your email inbox and tidying your WFH space, there’s nothing fun about life admin.

As a result, many of us postpone those mind-numbing tasks, causing them to mount up and causing more work – and costs – later down the line.

In the latest Meerkat Mindset instalment, Kelly, from Lytham St Annes, admits she’s one of the many Brits who puts off her life admin and bumps it down the to-do list.

The 39-year-old has a somewhat chaotic filing system and puts all of the letters she receives in “safe” places around the house, which then causes another problem.

I forget where I’ve put them and this means I miss important renewal dates,” she explains, adding: “My life admin is a mess… I really need to get on top of it.”

Thankfully, spirit guide Russell Kane is ready to offer a helping hand and explains – with the help of a much-loved gameshow format – that Kelly’s lack of a proper filing system is costing her money as well as time.

Russell Kane

Russell Kane

On broadband alone, he reveals, Kelly could save £126 a year by switching providers, while changing her home contents insurance plan could see her pocket double that figure – leaving more cash for the fun stuff in life.

Watch the video above to see how just much Kelly could save and her reaction to the impressive figure.

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