How To Save Money On Bills With One Easy Move

From sorting your online bills to getting your to-do list in order, life admin can feel pretty time-consuming and plenty of us put off small but important tasks.

Deon, from Wakefield, knows this struggle all too well but the 54-year-old is
determined to successfully carry out a “mentality makeover” – and she’s starting with her dreaded WFH space.

“The area that I would like help with today is my office,” she says. “It’s been made worse because I’m now working from home. Bills get paid but [the problem] is finding them. Finding information is a nightmare.”

The average Brit overspends on household bills by £37,000 in their lifetime, while ticking off the to-do list takes an average of 52 minutes a day.

Challenge master Russell Kane sets Deon the task of working out where she can save cash on bills in just under an hour. “I’m helping people across the country adjust their outlook, so they can spend less time doing what they hate and more time doing what they love,” he explains.

Russell Kane and Deon

So, how does she get on? With the help of Compare The Market, Deon switches her bills, a move that will save £20 a month on broadband alone, with 40 minutes to spare. “Knowing I can save £20 a month on broadband is a shock,” she admits. “I feel elated.”

Buoyed by her own success, Deon then turns her attention to other tasks around the home – and finds even more ways to save money.

Watch the video above to see how she got on.

Find out more on different deals available across energy, broadband and contents insurance – and see if you could save – with Compare the Market’s online bills calculator.

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