‘I Cheated On My Girlfriend Because She Cheated On Me. Can We Move On?’

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We’re all heard the old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right”. But in reality, when we’ve been hurt, logic sometimes goes out of the window.

This week’s reader, Lewis, has created quite the predicament for himself after ‘revenge cheating’ on his girlfriend.

“I cheated on my girlfriend with my best friend, because I found out she cheated on me,” he says. “Now she won’t accept my apology unless I end my friendship with all my female friends she doesn’t trust. Please help.”

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Revenge cheating is actually a “really common knee-jerk reaction” to being hurt in this way, says Counselling Directory member Rachel Matthews.

“And yet, as Lewis is experiencing, it often adds even more complications into the mix,” she tells HuffPost UK. “Our main driver to doing this, is to make ourselves feel better or make the cheating spouse feel worse – but this is rarely the outcome we get. We can feel guilty, confused, even more vulnerable.”

So, what should Lewis do?

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