Ick! Self-Service Checkouts Are So Grim, They Now Need A Public Health Warning

Remember when we were in the darkest days of the pandemic and you used to scrub your hands clean after heading to the supermarket? Yeah… you might want to start doing that again.

Supermarket self-service checkouts are riddled with bacteria found in human faeces, according to new analysis.

Scientists at the Infection Innovation Consortium (iiCON), which is led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), swabbed everyday items for signs of concerning bacteria.

They tested handrails, public toilet door handles, office computer keyboards, pets and pet toys and found checkouts were among the most grim.

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The results indicated a whole host nastiness evident on almost every surface of the self-payment stations, including E.coli – which can causes vomiting – as well as human poo particles.

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