It’s Official, This Is The Most Annoying Advice You Can Give New Parents

When you become a parent, one thing becomes very clear – people love nothing more than to dish out advice on how to raise kids, whether solicited or not.

An eye-opening survey asked mums and dads of children aged 0-7 years old about the most annoying snippets of advice they received in the first six months after having a baby.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it revealed “sleep when the baby sleeps” is the most hated piece of advice among new parents. Probably because, you know, some babies just don’t sleep.

Other pieces of advice nobody wants to hear after having kids is “stop holding the baby so much” and “I did THIS, and my kids turned out fine”.

Also in the top 10 were “you’re not holding the baby correctly” and “babies should be left to cry it out”.

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