Kabul Airport Explosion: Here’s The Latest From Afghanistan

A blast was confirmed outside Kabul airport on Thursday.

The Pentagon’s press secretary John Kirby said there was no immediate word on casualties as yet.

Afghans had been crowding around the airport since the Taliban took control of the country, in a desperate bid to leave Afghanistan.

The explosion followed warnings from the western officials that an attack could be imminent.

Countries – including the US and UK – warned people not to go to the airport in case there was a suicide bombing.

The biggest threat was thought to be from Isis-K, a branch of the Islamic State which is known for its suicide bombing attacks.

The Taliban and Isis are enemies.

Isis are known to be furious at the way the Taliban negotiated with the US to get into power, and were expected to attack before the withdrawal of western troops to undermine both the Taliban leaders in power – who promised a safe evacuation process to the west – and Nato.

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