Keanu Reeves Overcomes Jitters To Play With Old Band Dogstar As The Keanussance Rocks On

Keanu Reeves slayed again – but not as the hit man John Wick.

Instead, the actor played bass with his old rock band Dogstar in the group’s first public concert in more than 20 years at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival in Napa California over the weekend, Deadline reported.

Keanu Reeves of Dogstar performs on Saturday in another excellent adventure for the actor.

Steve Jennings via Getty Images

Dogstar never really hit it big, but with the Matrix star providing the celebrity power, thousands watched him with bandmates Bret Domrose on vocals and Robert Mailhouse on drums.

Keanu was seen jumping for joy as the the band began its set in video shared by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mariecar Mendoza.

“We were hoping we wouldn’t see a lot of grass. This is awesome,” Bret told the crowd, SF Gate reported.

Riff magazine’s Roman Gokhman also shared footage of some of Keanu’s bass work.

Screams of “We love you, Keanu!” accompanied every number, according to SFGate.

Keanu said about as much on stage as he did in the recent blockbuster John Wick: Chapter 4, but admitted afterward that he had been nervous, and credited his bandmate Robert with easing his stage jitters.

“He was just super positive,” Keanu told The San Francisco Chronicle. “He was like, ‘Listen to the music. Just be present in the song, and it will go from there.’”

Keanu also went with the flow in playing off San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle at another event on the grounds.

George impersonated Keanu’s Neo from Matrix dodging bullets in slow motion. Keanu then improvised making a catch. SFGate’s Gabe Lehman caught the action.

The Keanussance continues…

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