Kelly Brook Claims She Was ‘Shut Down’ By Idris Elba After ‘Embarrassing’ Party Encounter

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Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook has revealed she was “shut down” by Idris Elba after trying to charm him at a party.

Speaking on her Heart radio show, Kelly admitted she’d been “taken aback” when she spotted the Luther star at an event back in 2014, and even ended up impersonating a bartender so she’d have a reason to speak to him.

“I was pretty tipsy, and I saw him, and like most women, was taken aback,” she explained.

“And I went behind the bar and I started pretending I worked there, and asked him if he wanted a drink.”

After going as far as making Idris a cocktail, the former Masked Dancer contestant said she woke up the next morning and slid into the actor’s DMs to try and clarify what happened the night before, joking: “I can’t believe I’m telling this story!”

Idris sent her a polite reply, telling her the cocktail was “awful” but it’s the “thought that counts though, babe”.

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Idris Elba

Kelly added: “I said, ’Oh gosh, no, really well at least it looked pretty. Nice to meet you, by the way. I have a really bad hangover”.

“He went, ‘Haha! Just have a lie in,’ and that was it. That was the last I heard from him! How embarrassing. I got the message; he shut me down.”

However, this is far from Kelly’s only embarrassing A-list encounter.

Last year, the former model told of how her gas got the better of her during a dinner party at Madonna’s house, where Gwyneth Paltrow, Jason Bateman and Guy Ritchie were also in attendance.

And trust us, she left no detail spared.

“[Madonna] just kind of , she just turned her head away because obviously it went straight up her nose,” Kelly recalled. “It was like something had crawled up there and died.”


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