Lammy Cancelled for Racism

Lammy Cancelled for Racism

David Lammy found himself at the centre of an anti-woke racism row last night after daring to praise Churchill on Twitter. The Shadow Lord Chancellor dared to praise the former PM on social media last night, contrasting him as a “pioneer of human rights” compared to the current crop of Conservatives who dare to question the current Human Rights Act. Unfortunately for Lammy, the hard left have now firmly concluded Churchill was the nastiest racist of the 1940s…

Among the 1200-strong pile on included Vidya Krishnan, a freelance journalist, who accused Lammy of having never heard of India or Bengal; Channel 4 host Chanté Joseph who accused him of being on crack; and New York-based writer Aditya Mukerjee, who says Churchill committed genocide.

Guido presumes now-cancelled Lammy’s party membership application to Lawrence Fox’s Reclaim Party is in the post…

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