Line Of Duty Viewers’Think They’ve Spotted A Clue About ‘H’ In The Unlikeliest Of Places

WARNING: Contains major spoilers.

While the latest episode of Line Of Duty has left us with even more burning questions, some viewers think Sunday night’s instalment featured a major clue about the elusive ‘H’.

We just weren’t expecting to find it in some kitchen tiles (maybe).

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed something rather odd about the tiles in the kitchen of John Corbett’s widow Steph in the latest episode of the BBC police drama.

Fans were convinced that the ‘H’ pattern in Steph’s tiles was a link to the man or woman AC-12 have been hunting for the past six series…

While the mystery about the identity of ‘H’ was somewhat answered at the end of series five, it was also revealed that there are four people pertaining to be ‘H’, with the final one still unknown.

‘H’ is a code name referring to one or a group of senior ranking corrupt police officers within the Central Police.

Elsewhere in Sunday night’s episode, Jackie Laverty’s murder from season one was finally revisited after AC-12 discovered blood deposits on a freezer found at Terry Boyle’s flat, where he had seemingly been set up as the fall guy.

While viewers had been aware the body was Jackie’s for a long time, it has taken the anti-corruption department a while to work it out. 

There was plenty more for viewers to wrap their heads around too, from PC Pilkington’s attempt on Boyle’s life, the murder of PC Patel and DI Fleming’s return to AC-12, to PS Jatri’s prison assault, DI Arnott’s discovery in Steph Corbett’s loft, DSU Buckells’ arrest and DCI Davidson’s illicit contact with the OCG.

With the story having now moved forward several paces, there are now even more questions the show’s armchair detectives are in hot pursuit of answers to.

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