Lizzo Twerking Up A Storm To Adele’s New Single Is Truly All Kinds Of Iconic


Lizzo and Adele

Adele’s return to the music scene has sparked a lot of enthusiastic reactions online in the last 24 hours, but trust us when we say that no one was more excited about the Grammy-winning star’s new release than Lizzo.

To celebrate Adele’s comeback, the Good As Hell star shared video of herself twerking up a storm to Easy On Me while in the recording studio.

Now, admittedly mid-tempo power ballads and full-blown twerking routines might not seem like the most compatible of artforms on paper. However, if anyone was going to make it work, it was Lizzo.

“New Adele go crazy,” she tweeted, alongside the minute-long clip of herself dancing to the emotional piano ballad.

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