Love Island Is Obsessed With ‘Testing’ Relationships. Can We Not?

Love Island truly has its catchphrase mainstays: “I’ve got a text”, “it is what it is” and as of this year, “moving mad”. But one common phrase that’s frustrating viewers and (female) contestants alike is the ‘being tested’ trope.

During the Casa Amor segment of the show, where the male islanders are shipped off to a swanky new villa with six new girls while the original women stay in the main house, all the relationships are “tested”.

Every year, there’s a marked gender difference – more of the men tend to crack on with the newbies while the women stay loyal to their initial partners. And the boys then return, touting the excuse of needing to be “tested” to really know how they feel about their oft faithful counterparts.

In the recent season, we’ve seen Liam (who decided to “test” himself by kissing new girl Lillie three times) offer it as an explanation to Millie, who rightfully asked why he had to be tested to know that their relationship is special.

The boys seem to think that kissing a few frogs helps clarify your feelings (the frogs being impossibly attractive blondes and brunettes). Toby is a testament to this – after coupling up with Abby, then Mary, he decided he likes Chloe best.

So are they on to something? Is testing the waters with other people necessary to strengthen your relationship? Or is it just an excuse to justify cheating?

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