Luke Pollard Likes Fleecing the Taxpayer

Luke Pollard Likes Fleecing the Taxpayer

While Labour MP Siobhan McDonagh interrupted a select committee yesterday to show off her social media pride, Luke Pollard is going above and beyond to brag about his Facebook successes. Locals in Devonport will spot a gadget in his office window tracking live how many Facebook likes his MP page has.

Last November, local Labour councillor Jeremy Goslin recorded his delight with the tech tracker, with Pollard telling constituents to Like my Facebook page at facebook.com/lukepollard and watch the counter spin round #plymouth :-)”

What Luke didn’t tell his constituents is they actually forked out for the useless bit of ego-boosting tech. A search of Pollard’s expenses and an FoI enquiry later, Guido can reveal the taxpayer coughed up out £330.66 for the window display.

Even after fleecing the taxpayer for over £330 of unnecessary expenses, Luke’s Facebook page has only 8,309 likes. Equating to about 4p per follower…

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