Meet Sky Brown, Team GB’s Youngest Ever Olympic Medallist

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Great Britain’s Sky Brown celebrates winning the bronze medal during the Women’s Park Final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

Can you remember your greatest achievement when you were 13? It might’ve been nailing a maths test or beating your friends at a video game. For Team GB’s Sky Brown it’s becoming the youngest Olympic medallist for Great Britain.

Brown is bringing home bronze after competing in the women’s skateboarding park competition on Wednesday.

I can’t believe it, it’s like a dream.Sky Brown

Sitting in fourth position ahead of her last round, it was third time lucky for Brown as she landed a kick-flip indy – the move that helped her to a podium finish.

She had fallen twice after attempting the same trick already that day in the previous rounds.

Brown said her dad had told her it was “just a contest” and if she falls “it doesn’t define you.”

“I just wanted to land it. I didn’t really care what place I got,” she said.

Five facts about Sky Brown

1. She was born in Japan (along with her younger brother Ocean). Her dad is British and her mum is Japanese. She travels between Japan and the US where she also competes.

During training last year, Brown recovered from a fractured skull and broken bones after a terrible fall.

She says the accident was “pretty bad” but it made her “stronger”.

“It was a hard time for my parents and a hard time for a lot of people and coming back and getting the bronze is really cool.”

She has a million followers on Instagram. And she’s not new to the social media spotlight after a video her dad posted to Facebook when she was 4-years-old went viral.

Her bronze medal isn’t the only win she’s known for. She also won the US version of Dancing With The Stars: Juniors back in 2018. 

We might see Brown competing in a different sport at the next Olympics as she says she wants to give surfing a go and will be hitting the waves when she gets home.

Is there anything she can’t do?

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