Melanie C Teases The One Spice Girls Gig Victoria Beckham Couldn’t Say No To

Since the Spice Girls reunited as a four-piece in 2019, it’s looked increasingly less likely that we’d ever see Victoria Beckham back with the band that first made her a global star.

However, Melanie C has revealed she knows of at least one gig that would get Posh back in action with her former bandmates.

Speaking on Wednesday’s edition of Lorraine, Mel reflected on the success of the group’s 2019 stadium tour, saying: “We were blown away by how much love there is for the Spice Girls and how it did affect a huge amount of people, a young generation, so positively.”

Guest presenter Ranvir Singh then questioned whether this meant the Spice Girls would be making their much-rumoured appearance in the Legends slot at Glastonbury in the future. 

“Oh my gosh, that’s the dream!” Mel insisted. “We would absolutely love to do it.”

Ranvir then questioned whether “all of you” would be game for Glasto, to which Melanie revealed: “Well, not to speak out of turn, but between you and I, I know that Mrs Beckham would love to do Glastonbury.

“[Glastonbury] is something that I know has been rumoured a lot, it’s never really been seriously talked about, but we do constantly talk about getting back on stage. Because those shows in 2019 were incredible, and we’d love to do it again – once the world allows.”

Eamonn McCormack via Getty Images

The Spice Girls at the launch of Viva Forever in 2012

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