Michael Douglas Recalls Embarrassing Case Of Mistaken Identity At Teenage Daughter’s Graduation

Michael Douglas has admitted he was the subject of an embarrassing faux pas at his daughter’s graduation, when he was mistaken for her grandfather.

The Oscar nominee is the father to three children, two of whom he shares with his wife Catherine Zeta Jones.

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 76-year-old star recalled attending his daughter Carys’ high school graduation, only to be at the centre of a case of mistaken identity.

I’m so proud of her,” he told the host. “But I gotta tell you, Kelly, it’s a little rough when you’re going out the doors and the other parents are saying, ‘Oh congratulations, you must be so proud of your granddaughter’.”

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Michael Douglas at the Golden Globes earlier this year

As Kelly let out a laugh, Michael continued: “I said, ‘Well, I don’t know, man. Yeah, okay’.”

He also added that the comment was not something he took personally, insisting: “They’re just trying to be nice.”

As well as 18-year-old Carys, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have a 20-year-old son named Dylan.

Later in his interview with Kelly, he spoke about how he and the Chicago star are coping as “empty nesters” without their kids at home, admitting: “It’s scary, it really is… you look at each other and go, ‘Well, it’s just you and me babe’.”

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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

The two have been married since 2000, with much being made in the media of their 25-year age gap at the time.

The Behind The Candelabra actor also has a 43-year-old son, Cameron, from his first marriage to Diandra Luker.

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