Mum Dumps Child-Free Friends With Brutal Open Letter – And We’re All Thinking The Same Thing

A mother has written an open letter to her “child-free friends” about why she’s struggling to maintain her relationship with them since have a baby – and after reading it, parents are all thinking the same thing…

It’s not them being child-free that’s the issue here, they’re just not very nice people.

The rightly-peeved mum took to Reddit to share seven points as to why she’s finding it difficult to stay friends with them.

In the first point, she explained how they dismiss her feelings. One example is that whenever she would mention something about parenting being hard, they would reply: “Well you chose to have a child.”

But if she were to mention something about how home ownership is hard, they would never say: “Well you chose to buy a house.”

The fuming parent also revealed her friends don’t respect her time. They’d ask to drop by at 4pm and would then turn up at 6pm which would be in the middle of her baby’s bath-bed routine. Her baby would then refuse to sleep.

“That sort of thing was fine (if a little rude) when we were single and responsibility free, but now it genuinely fucks up my night,” wrote the parent.

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