Mums Are Revealing The Eye-Watering Amounts They’re Spending On Childcare

Mums are sharing just how much they’re forking out for childcare before their children start school and honestly, some of the figures will make you want to cry.

On October 29, tens of thousands of parents are set to join Pregnant Then Screwed’s March Of The Mummies, a national protest to demand government reform on childcare, parental leave and flexible working.

Ahead of the march, the charity has urged parents to share selfies holding pieces of paper showing just how much they are spending on childcare before their kids start school – and some of the figures are eye-watering.

The lowest figure is £12,200, but this climbs to £80,900 for one mum [pictured below] who has three children.

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“You know how outraged people are by the notion that energy costs could be £4,000 a year,” wrote Pregnant Then Screwed’s founder Joeli Brearley in an Instagram post.

“Just wait until you add up what you have spent, or will spend, on childcare before your child is five years old.

“The government and much of the public are completely oblivious to the amount of cash money we are forking out just so we can go to work – this is literally your work tax, on top of your actual work tax.”

To bring this to the nation’s attention, protests will be taking place in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Belfast, Cardiff, Exeter, Norwich, Bristol, Newcastle and Birmingham on Saturday.

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