Nation R Rate is Down to 0.88

Nation R Rate is Down to 0.88

The main findings from the seventh REACT study show that between 13 and 24 November:

  • 96 people per 10,000 infected, down from 132 per 10,000 between 26 October- 2 November;
  • The virus was halving every 37 days;
  • The national R rate was estimated to be 0.88;
  • Prevalence halved in the North West (1.08% down from 2.53%) and North East (0.72% down from 1.88%), and fell in Yorkshire and The Humber (1.17% down from 1.8%);
  • Prevalence remained high in the East Midlands (1.27% down from 1.31%), and West Midlands (1.55% down from 1.56%), where rates are now the highest in the country meaning 155 people per 10,000 have the virus;
  • People of Asian ethnicity had increased odds of testing positive compared with white people;
  • People living in the most deprived neighbourhoods had higher odds of testing positive than those living in less deprived neighbourhoods; and
  • There is an increase in prevalence among people living in the largest households.

Going in the right direction…

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