Nigel Farage Told ‘Own. Your. Brexit’ After Whingeing About Fuel Crisis

Nigel Farage was firmly put in his place after he shared his frustration about the current fuel crisis in the UK on Thursday.

As a prominent eurosceptic, former leader of the Brexit Party, and former UKIP leader, Farage was credited for propelling the anti-EU movement along for more than a decade before the EU referendum of 2016.

He then attacked the fuel crisis, an issue many are blaming on leaving the EU.

Farage tweeted: “The government tell us that the fuel crisis is easing…

“I went to 7 petrol stations this morning and there was no fuel at any of them.

“Was then hit by a van whilst stationary at a roundabout. Great start to the day!”

But Professor Paul Bernal tweeted in response: “Own. Your. Brexit.”

The fuel crisis is not caused by a shortage of petrol, but a shortage of HGV drivers who can distribute the produce across the country.

Brexit is one of the contributing factors behind the shortfall in drivers, which explains why the UK is suffering more than other European nations and many EU drivers reportedly do not want to return to the UK for the temporary overseas three-month visa.

But the problems do not just stem from Brexit.

People wanting to take HGV driving tests were unable to get tested throughout the Covid lockdowns, and the lifestyle attached to driving has low pay and long hours.

Kirsty O’Connor – PA Images via Getty Images

Nigel Farage has been credited with leading the Brexit campaign years before it fell into the mainline

This is not the first time Farage has been in the firing line during the fuel crisis.

Anti-Brexit activists Led By Donkeys reminded Twitter recently of its billboard campaign about the prominent Brexiteer.

They printed a phrase he once said on his LBC show – “If Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad, I’ll go and live somewhere else.”

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