No, Disabled People Do Not Have One Shared Experience Of Life

I was holding what was going to be a gift for someone in my hand, when all of a sudden, a woman came from nowhere and started asking questions. “Did I wear leg braces?” “Could I walk?” “When did I learn to speak?”

I panicked and froze. My ability to speak became impossible to exercise. I didn’t know what was the right thing to say. Being bombarded with questions about my Cerebral Palsy (CP) inside a stationary shop wasn’t quite what I imagined for this day out.

I was just out shopping and at that moment in time, I didn’t want to be asked about my disability. The woman went on to tell me about someone they knew who also had CP. I felt like I was being used as a source for their hope, for this other person, wanting to know the ins and outs of how I was affected by this condition. I felt that I was being seen as my disability and not seen as a whole person.

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